Father of the Mouse

Douglas Engelbart

A great man always tries to achieve something impossible to do. Today, I read history of Douglas Engelbart. As many people have known, Engelbart is the parson who invented first pointing device, which is currently called as “Mouse”. When he invented the pointing device, it was named as X-Y position indicator for a display system, but not Mouse. However, the outlook of the device looks like mouse, it was named so.

Engelbart applied the patent right for his inventory of mouse in 1967, and received the patent right in 1970. And nowadays, pointing device, “mouse” is used around the world, so did he probably receive lot of money from that? No, he has not gotten so much money from his invention because his patent right was already purchased by Apple company in 1987. Because Stanford Research Institute at where he worked did not see so much value for his inventory of mouse, they decided to sell it to Apple with 40,000 USD at that time.

Personally, what the greatest thing that he had done is that he had never given up his dream of creating and developing new computer devices even though his surrounds had ignored and laughed on his ideas.


2 responses to “Father of the Mouse

  1. Great start with your blogging Yue. Your description of how a mouse functions is quite clearly written.

    I hadn’t realized that Engelbart didn’t make so much money on his invention. Had be been able to get some sort of royalty payment, he’d be a very rich man. Could you imagine getting 1 penny for every time somebody somewhere clicks a mouse. That would be a lot of pennies indeed.

    As for the rodent image, it looks to me a bit more like a rat than a mouse. I’m glad Engelbart didn’t call his invention a rat.

    • Thank you.

      wow, I thought he had not recieved much payment from his invention of mouse.
      Your information surprised me.

      “A wieless Rat” hah…Technology!!

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