Pioneer Pokemon Card: Ted Nelson

This Ds 106 Assignment requires an recreation of a pokemon card.

Ted Nelson is the scientist of computer networking system. He is well known about researched the first concept of hypertext, and organized Xanadu project.

In 1959, he took bachelor degree of philosophy, after that entered to Harvard University for taking master and doctor degree. While he was attending at Harvard University, he got interested in system of computer.

He extremely impressed about Vannevar Bush’s thoughts in his article, “As We May Think”. After he read Vannevar Bush’s article, he started to create the invention what Vannevar thought. This concept based on Vannevar Bush’s article is what we call “Hypertext”, and the developed concept of hypertext is “Xanadu”. Since then, he has been challenging his research of Xanadu.

Since he got interested in computer system, he has spent his whole life for research and development of his ideal networking system, “Xanadu”. Impressing things that Ted Nelson has been doing is to try to make computer system become easy and familiar for every single person. I hadn’t known about him until I did research this, but what I can say is that thanks to his great efforts, we can have our own computers right now.

6 responses to “Pioneer Pokemon Card: Ted Nelson

  1. I love this. I want to know how you did it (please document your process). The cartoon effect of Nelson is fantastic. Am I seeing a bit of Tom Baker’s Dr. Who with the red scarf or is this Pokemon specific reference?

    As for the facts vs. moves question: I prefer facts. Somebody could learn a whole lot about Ted Nelson by reading the great info you/ve provided. Well done.

    • Thank, I spent a lot time to mix those pictures together, especially Mr.Ted’s head.
      I think I used the same way as you put the Chicken Basket on Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s hand ^ ^

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