The ds106 – A Movie Poster

Ds 106 Assignment

I used a pioneer instead of my self picture or website info to creat this poster.Personally, The God Father is one of my favorite movie.When I read the story about Vannevar Bush, the God father came up in my mind.I replaced ‘the gum’ picture to @.After read the story which I summrized  maybe you will also think he is definitly the god father of the computer systerm.

The God Father

Vannevar Bush

In 1939, Vannevar Bush was appointed as the president of Carnegie Institute. Since then, he could have given suggestions for research for military purpose. Moreover, in the same year, he became chairman of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

He had known that military authority had not had connection with civilian scientists, so that he started to provide all-out mobilization in national defense. After that, he organized National Defense Research Committee (NDRC). He and scientists in NDRC invented and developed military systems. He and his project team, for example, invented the first model of atomic bomb, military radar, and proximity fuse. His scientific efforts led US victory in World War II.

What he done is amazing fact, but his true intelligence is that he had had great leadership. He was appointed as chairman in several important national scientific committees, and many projects were worked efficiently because of his organization. In addition, he had close working relationship with President Roosevelt. He directly appointed to President Roosevelt in order to get approval for development of the atomic bomb. President Roosevelt impressed his presentation, and he approved his idea in 10 minutes. In that era, the United States’ military were mainly organized by Vannevar Bush.


2 responses to “The ds106 – A Movie Poster

  1. Nice poster. I love the Godfather. When I was elementary school students, I wached the movie. I was totally upset the movie because in the movie so many people were died. However, the movie give me the what the “Man” is. I dont know muh detail about Bush, so Im not sure he is “God”, but I hope he would.

  2. I like this movie poster. The idea of calling Bush the Godfather makes sense in light of the story you share about his influence in leading U.S. science policy related to military matters during and after the war.

    One suggestion would be to have an extra carriage return between your paragraphs. The extra space makes reading easier on the eyes.

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