The Ds106 Assignment- DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

This assignment requires us to tell a story by breaking it down into the common elements and themes and recreating it as a sketch. I haven’t drawn for a while. This assignment really reminds me the joy of drawing.

I chose a classic film camera, STEKY IIIB, as my subject, because the history of it really attracts me. the backgroud of this camera was 1953, made in Japan. At that time, Japan was in economic depression  because of WWII. Most camera companies wanted to reduce the cost of producing cameras. Therefore, mini size camera became popular such as Minox and STEKY. You might suprise the size of this camera because its only 60x25x30mm.  Here is a normal SD with STEKY IIIB.

One response to “The Ds106 Assignment- DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

  1. Wow, your drawing skills are awesome. I really like the sketching.

    I remember the Minox camera – it was used in many spy movies in the sixties and seventies. I’ve never heard of this STEKY. It looks really cool.

    Why didn’t you include links to more information about these awesome old cameras?

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