Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

In the website Based on web 1.0, the relation between people who get information and people who provide information was one way. However, websites based on web 2.0 let people to update their daily comments and opinions freely.

Web 2.0 has developed participatory networking services such as blogging and SNS(Social Network Service). What is exactly the difference between web1.0 and web2.0? It is the development of the way of information sharing with trust relationship. As I told, the good example of web 2.0 is about blog and SNS. Compared to personal websites, users do not need to use knowledge of HTML and the special computer softs for these services, so that people can use and share the network community easily. Therefore, the numbers of SNS and blog users have rapidly increased since web 2.0 was provided. Web 2.0 makes network communication become easier. It is resulted that transmission of information get much faster than before when people used web 1.0.

Good example of Web 2.0 is Wikipedia. Nowadays, many people use Wikipedia to know specific thing or person’s information. Each person can add or edit the information. Likewise, amazon user review is also included in the web 2.0, and Amazon uses user activity to produce better search results of websites. The similarity of both websites is that the web pages are organized based on users’ trust.


One response to “Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

  1. Another important development you want to keep in mind is the way RSS led to the popularity of blogging and podcasting. This is participatory because ordinary can create users which others can subscribe to and comment upon.

    For me, it is grass roots uses of the technology that are most interesting and empowering.

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