This is a new assignment in DS 106. I glad that the professor gives us this new assignment.

The goal of this assignment is to make a montage of one of your favorite places.

It can be your kitchen, a room in UMW, a building, etc.

Frankly, this assignment was very challenging for me. I spent long time to put all the pictures together.

I picked the picture of the univers, and cut in pieces.

And then, I adjusted each one either brighter or darker.

Again, it was so hard to put everything together, especially to find the correct part for each photos.

But, I guess, that is the joy of montage.

I dont know any editting application which can automatically apply a picture into the montage effect.

It would be nice if I know any application that has this function,

so I dont need to spend so much effort to complete this assignment.


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