The assignment requires us to pick one word, select one single typeface,

 and communicate with this word.But, it is not allowed to use colors or any other graphical elements.

The goal of this assignment is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word,

and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform etc to visualize

the word.

I am inspired by the sample photo, ‘Magic‘. I think the idea is so bulliriant.

I tried to think so many words to make up great ideas.

First, I thought about ‘Shadow’ and ‘Smile’.

For example,  make the word ‘Smile’ looks like smile mouth.

Finally, I got idea from the Christian Fish.

About B.S. 4 century,  fish was the symbol of Cristian.

After Roman kingdom decided Cristian as country religion.

Then, the cross symbol replaced the fish one.

Im not Cristian, I wish the story is correct.

To create this photo, I  simplely add a text on a new layer.

By the way, on the photoshop, there is a function,

which adjust a text into the different shapes, such as a fan, and fish.

9 responses to “DS106-Word

    • I used “Impact” font.
      and then I adjusted this text into “Fish” shape.
      On Photoshop , when you change the color for text, you can also find the menu to change the shape. Fish is one of the option.

  1. This is so interesting!!
    Great way to convey “fish” in an image 🙂
    I can instantly tell the word is “fish” before reading the whole word 😀

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