DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

This assignment requires that photograph your best day dreaming window

and alter it to show what you’re dreaming of.

Maybe it’s a dream of a different season, a vacation destination, a moment in the past, or

a fantasy land; it’s all up to your imagination! Have fun merging a familiar spot with a

whole new view!

The idea of this picture is based on the dream when I was little young girl.

I guess, every young kid dreams about eating thier favorite ice cream as much as they can.

Imagining that, when you wake up, you see the whole city becomes ice cream kingdom.

How exciting it is!

I found the picture of the window from my favorit animation, “UP”.

Then, I replaced the outside view to an ice cream photo via Photoshop.

I like this assignement because it gives me imagination of fantasy, and a sweet dream.


7 responses to “DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

    • Thanks,
      I guess most people dreamed about it when they were young. Thats why we have many animations talk about it. Like in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”

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