Section: Fear and Loathing Online

In the  Fear and Loathing Online section, our class divided into several groups. Everyone has the right to choose their presenters with different topics. It is really intereting way to learn a new lecture and to interact with others.

For section Everywhere Malware, I joined Jay ‘s group and learned about the insecurity is not only happens on computer, and also among our smart phones. According to the article “Googler speaks of mobile security, says anti-virus companies are playing with your fears” Jay explains what can be done to protect computers from Malware, and suggests that ESET could be the best software to protect our computers. Nowadays, checking email, updating a post or online shopping, everything became so much easier after the Smart Phone comes out. People can use the Internet anytime at most locations. If hackers can invade one’s computer, so what is different with a smart phone. Perhaps it is time to concern about our smart phones’ securities. Because most Smart Phones still don’t have strong protection systems. Even the Black Berry  is not 100% guaranteed to protect owner’s information. I agree with Jay, the protection of our smart phones seems necessary, especially for someone who use the smart phone for business.

In Copyright or wrong section, I found this video from Professor Lockman’s Scoop channel.
This is not the topic I chose for my section group presentation,but I would like to share it with everyone.
I really like this author’s creation on Prezi,and learned clear view about Creative Commons.
Unlike Copy right that takes long time to register,Creative Commons seems really convenient and useful. The internet has provided the fastest way to sharing works with others. I believe Creative Common is more suitable in this circumstances.


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