Vice Online- Internet addiction: Why you need to disconnect

In the section Vice Online, an article Internet addiction:  Why you need to disconnect   reveals a situation that people are getting addicted on internet. We might ask ourselves a question that how often do we check or update a post on Twitter or Facebook?

Personally I believe Social Network services offer us a wide space to get vivid information and a connection with others. However, some people, especially young people  use the online services in an unhealth way.They spend so much time on serfing internet. For example, they often check what others are doing or update what they do daily.

Why do people rely on internet connection more than the connection in the real life? The author explains that the main reason why they rely on internet  is because they may feel lonely in the real life.  People can get self-satisfaction via Facebook or other applications, because they feel someone listen and pay attention to them. This kind of ‘instant gratification’ results them started to escape from the reality and getting addicted on the internet. By over showing their private lives, it may contains potential dangers and somehow damaging their real reationships.

On the other hand, the addiction of online networld will result them lost connection with their real relatives, and finally realized that the fantasy world of internet does not exist. The author claims that “Life is ugly, messy, chaotic. If you spend too much time trying to comfort yourself and control your environment, you’re escaping from the realities of life. ” To escape from the reality can not bring a real joy for anyone, this warning noticed us the dangerous results of online addiction.




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