This is a new assignment in DS 106. I glad that the professor gives us this new assignment.

The goal of this assignment is to make a montage of one of your favorite places.

It can be your kitchen, a room in UMW, a building, etc.

Frankly, this assignment was very challenging for me. I spent long time to put all the pictures together.

I picked the picture of the univers, and cut in pieces.

And then, I adjusted each one either brighter or darker.

Again, it was so hard to put everything together, especially to find the correct part for each photos.

But, I guess, that is the joy of montage.

I dont know any editting application which can automatically apply a picture into the montage effect.

It would be nice if I know any application that has this function,

so I dont need to spend so much effort to complete this assignment.




The assignment requires us to pick one word, select one single typeface,

 and communicate with this word.But, it is not allowed to use colors or any other graphical elements.

The goal of this assignment is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word,

and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform etc to visualize

the word.

I am inspired by the sample photo, ‘Magic‘. I think the idea is so bulliriant.

I tried to think so many words to make up great ideas.

First, I thought about ‘Shadow’ and ‘Smile’.

For example,  make the word ‘Smile’ looks like smile mouth.

Finally, I got idea from the Christian Fish.

About B.S. 4 century,  fish was the symbol of Cristian.

After Roman kingdom decided Cristian as country religion.

Then, the cross symbol replaced the fish one.

Im not Cristian, I wish the story is correct.

To create this photo, I  simplely add a text on a new layer.

By the way, on the photoshop, there is a function,

which adjust a text into the different shapes, such as a fan, and fish.

DS106-A Whole New World

DS106-A Whole New World

In this assignment, it requires to take a picture of your subject such as grandparents, pet, yourself

and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large.

First, I wish the coffee is not too hot.

After I saw this assignment, I thought about the micro human being.

I have ever wished that I could be small like that,

because I would not feel crowded  on Japanese subway in the morning,

and could have free trip by hyding somebody’s bags.

I used my picture when I was 17 year-old,

and changed the size of my photo to fit into the coffee cup photo.

But, one thing that I didnt satisfy about this assigment is that there is no wave around my feet;

it makes the photo little unnatural.

Anyway, I  had fun with doing this assignment.

DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

This assignment requires that photograph your best day dreaming window

and alter it to show what you’re dreaming of.

Maybe it’s a dream of a different season, a vacation destination, a moment in the past, or

a fantasy land; it’s all up to your imagination! Have fun merging a familiar spot with a

whole new view!

The idea of this picture is based on the dream when I was little young girl.

I guess, every young kid dreams about eating thier favorite ice cream as much as they can.

Imagining that, when you wake up, you see the whole city becomes ice cream kingdom.

How exciting it is!

I found the picture of the window from my favorit animation, “UP”.

Then, I replaced the outside view to an ice cream photo via Photoshop.

I like this assignement because it gives me imagination of fantasy, and a sweet dream.

The Ds106 Assignment- Mission: Defamiliarize


The Ds106 Assignment- Mission: Defamiliarize

Make a set of ten photos which take something familiar to you–a town, building, object, etc.–and defamiliarize it, make it seem foreign. Use a mix of extreme closeups, weird lighting, foreground/background focusing and odd angles and other effects to make something that you know very well seem like something you’ve never seen before, something spooky and/or luminous and/or magical.

For this assignment I selected some of my photogragphy assignments and some daily photos that I took randomly. Personaly I like the extreme closeup most, you can see from the “flower” “wall” and “light”  pictures. I didn’t use photoshop for most pictures.  When I took these pictures I adjusted the shutter speed to get slow motion photo. By the way you need a tripod to take pictures at night or under the dark light.

The Ds106 Assignment- DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

This assignment requires us to tell a story by breaking it down into the common elements and themes and recreating it as a sketch. I haven’t drawn for a while. This assignment really reminds me the joy of drawing.

I chose a classic film camera, STEKY IIIB, as my subject, because the history of it really attracts me. the backgroud of this camera was 1953, made in Japan. At that time, Japan was in economic depression  because of WWII. Most camera companies wanted to reduce the cost of producing cameras. Therefore, mini size camera became popular such as Minox and STEKY. You might suprise the size of this camera because its only 60x25x30mm.  Here is a normal SD with STEKY IIIB.

The Ds106- Splash The Color

The Ds106- Splash The Color 

Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object.  Think of the Girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List.

I didn’t know this technique until I done this assignment. The processes are actually pretty simple.

For photoshop,  first you need to create a new copy of the original picture. (press Control J)

Use it to target the part you want to keep the color. Next remove the color from your new copy.

Thats it!