In essay “A personal Cyberinfrastructure“, I found the last sentence of fourth paragraph seems like most appearing to me.

“At the turn of the century, higher education looked in the mirror and, seeing it’s portals, its easy-to-use LMSs, and its ‘digital campuses,’ admired itself as sleek, youthful,attractive. But the mirror lied.”

American higher education system has a goal that not only teaching academic knowledge but also developing one’s skills to think critically and to be able to managing. The image of American higher education is a modern system full of digital equipments. I admired this attractive learning style when I was a high school student. In a normal Chinese high school, most classes were arranged once you enter next grade based on the school’ curriculum,so that students lack the opportunity to develop their management skills. Even though American higher educational system gave students all responsibilities for management of their education curriculum, the learning experience in American University certainly developed some of beneficial abilities that I could not learn from a Chinese University.

On the other hand,just like the sentence said “the mirror lied”, I agree with that the “digital campus” is still not perfect in the purpose.’Digital campuses’ make the school system become more beneficial and useful for students. However, it is not always appropriate for all the classes. For example, a math or perhaps a biology class it is better to interact with the teacher face to face. Students are able to access at the class and get information what is going on in the classes; however, there is a limitation to describe specific and complicated part in their study.




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