DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

DS106-Your Dreams Out the Window

This assignment requires that photograph your best day dreaming window

and alter it to show what you’re dreaming of.

Maybe it’s a dream of a different season, a vacation destination, a moment in the past, or

a fantasy land; it’s all up to your imagination! Have fun merging a familiar spot with a

whole new view!

The idea of this picture is based on the dream when I was little young girl.

I guess, every young kid dreams about eating thier favorite ice cream as much as they can.

Imagining that, when you wake up, you see the whole city becomes ice cream kingdom.

How exciting it is!

I found the picture of the window from my favorit animation, “UP”.

Then, I replaced the outside view to an ice cream photo via Photoshop.

I like this assignement because it gives me imagination of fantasy, and a sweet dream.


Copyright vs Creative Commons

A copycat, who doesn’t hate it? Perhaps, it is only when you are the victim. I grew up in a country where everybody adores the illegal downloading such as music and movie. We desire newest and free. The vivid free entertainment resources are much more attractive than a legal publish store’s products for people because they can enjoy without payment. How can we stop this strong wave?

Since the copyright issue became controversial topic, people started to concern about the outcome of illegal download because of economic impact, and the resection to the original authors. However, the traditional copyright protection is not suitable for today’s net society. In fact, in the entertainment areas, many institutions are using online resources for education purpose. Undeniably, it helps researchers and also encourages our education system move forward. The copyright laws are actually inconvenient for people who want to use the resources in their presentations.

Creative Commons Licenses plays a significant role in this middle ground. It allows people to reproduce or derivative works from the original resources as long as without any commercial purposes. Compared with copyright, Creative Commons brings benefit to everyone in a legal way.

Panda kiss

“1600 pandas”

Panda kiss

Image: Panda kiss by By StéfanCC Licensed via Flickr

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

In the website Based on web 1.0, the relation between people who get information and people who provide information was one way. However, websites based on web 2.0 let people to update their daily comments and opinions freely.

Web 2.0 has developed participatory networking services such as blogging and SNS(Social Network Service). What is exactly the difference between web1.0 and web2.0? It is the development of the way of information sharing with trust relationship. As I told, the good example of web 2.0 is about blog and SNS. Compared to personal websites, users do not need to use knowledge of HTML and the special computer softs for these services, so that people can use and share the network community easily. Therefore, the numbers of SNS and blog users have rapidly increased since web 2.0 was provided. Web 2.0 makes network communication become easier. It is resulted that transmission of information get much faster than before when people used web 1.0.

Good example of Web 2.0 is Wikipedia. Nowadays, many people use Wikipedia to know specific thing or person’s information. Each person can add or edit the information. Likewise, amazon user review is also included in the web 2.0, and Amazon uses user activity to produce better search results of websites. The similarity of both websites is that the web pages are organized based on users’ trust.

The Ds106 Assignment- Mission: Defamiliarize


The Ds106 Assignment- Mission: Defamiliarize

Make a set of ten photos which take something familiar to you–a town, building, object, etc.–and defamiliarize it, make it seem foreign. Use a mix of extreme closeups, weird lighting, foreground/background focusing and odd angles and other effects to make something that you know very well seem like something you’ve never seen before, something spooky and/or luminous and/or magical.

For this assignment I selected some of my photogragphy assignments and some daily photos that I took randomly. Personaly I like the extreme closeup most, you can see from the “flower” “wall” and “light”  pictures. I didn’t use photoshop for most pictures.  When I took these pictures I adjusted the shutter speed to get slow motion photo. By the way you need a tripod to take pictures at night or under the dark light.

The Ds106 Assignment- DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

This assignment requires us to tell a story by breaking it down into the common elements and themes and recreating it as a sketch. I haven’t drawn for a while. This assignment really reminds me the joy of drawing.

I chose a classic film camera, STEKY IIIB, as my subject, because the history of it really attracts me. the backgroud of this camera was 1953, made in Japan. At that time, Japan was in economic depression  because of WWII. Most camera companies wanted to reduce the cost of producing cameras. Therefore, mini size camera became popular such as Minox and STEKY. You might suprise the size of this camera because its only 60x25x30mm.  Here is a normal SD with STEKY IIIB.

The Ds106- Splash The Color

The Ds106- Splash The Color 

Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object.  Think of the Girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List.

I didn’t know this technique until I done this assignment. The processes are actually pretty simple.

For photoshop,  first you need to create a new copy of the original picture. (press Control J)

Use it to target the part you want to keep the color. Next remove the color from your new copy.

Thats it!

Infographic analysis

For the group 8(Rodnie, Alex,Delilahand Jay) , we chose  Facebook as our infographic analysis assignment. I take account into the TOP 5 section as  the main content to analyze.

Facebook has not only become the greatest social networking system for people community, but also become one of the best website to wisely publish advertisements. You may have ever searched your favorite brand, singer, or TV show. It is more familiar way to know the information of your interest; moreover, you can leave your opinions about them, and even can communicate with other people who have the same interest as you. Publisher can know the real-time evaluation of the app or topic. Application and advertisements on Facebook is like domino. Once a person knows and recommends the application, the app is getting known for relatives of the person. It is like domino effects.

In the TV show on Facebook, ‘Family Guy’ is the most liked (38 millions), and then follows as Simpsons (35 millions), South Park (34 millions), SpongeBob (28 millions), and House (25 millions). This result is totally depends on personal like. In fact, I personally like Simpsons more than Family Guy. The reason why so many people are liked it because they can have comment and figure out which episode is brilliant or stupid. They can express their opinions with understandable relatives on that.

In the Musicians, Eminem (47 millions) is ranked first on Facebook. Increments of musicians liked will be based on the musician’s actions such as publishing the new song, and making a scandal. Of course, Eminem is one most famous Hip-Hop musician; however, it seems that the famousness is not always result of increments of liked on Facebook.

Increments of active users in applications of Facebook are directly influenced by people’s interest. Ranking of application is; CityVille (76 millions), The Sims Social (65 millions), Static HTML: iflame tabs (61 millions), Adventure World (38 millions), FarmVille (34 millions). Like showing the result, game applications are placed in high positions. The game applications are something like creating users’ own city, firm, and world. For some people, it may sound boring game, but the good point of these applications is that users can share their situation in the application to the other users. It has similarity with online games. The applications, which users can create originality and share it tend to be popular.

Increment of active users in application developers is closely related to increment of active users in application. The ranking of the application developers is; Zynga (263 millions), Electronic Arts (99 millions), Mensing (61 millions), Microsoft (50 millions), and Wooga (40 millions). Zynga provides CityVille, which has largest numbers of active user. Zynga provides not only CityVille, but also many popular applications.