The assignment requires us to pick one word, select one single typeface,

 and communicate with this word.But, it is not allowed to use colors or any other graphical elements.

The goal of this assignment is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word,

and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform etc to visualize

the word.

I am inspired by the sample photo, ‘Magic‘. I think the idea is so bulliriant.

I tried to think so many words to make up great ideas.

First, I thought about ‘Shadow’ and ‘Smile’.

For example,  make the word ‘Smile’ looks like smile mouth.

Finally, I got idea from the Christian Fish.

About B.S. 4 century,  fish was the symbol of Cristian.

After Roman kingdom decided Cristian as country religion.

Then, the cross symbol replaced the fish one.

Im not Cristian, I wish the story is correct.

To create this photo, I  simplely add a text on a new layer.

By the way, on the photoshop, there is a function,

which adjust a text into the different shapes, such as a fan, and fish.


The Ds106 Assignment- DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

DaVinci invents the Kitchen Sink

This assignment requires us to tell a story by breaking it down into the common elements and themes and recreating it as a sketch. I haven’t drawn for a while. This assignment really reminds me the joy of drawing.

I chose a classic film camera, STEKY IIIB, as my subject, because the history of it really attracts me. the backgroud of this camera was 1953, made in Japan. At that time, Japan was in economic depression  because of WWII. Most camera companies wanted to reduce the cost of producing cameras. Therefore, mini size camera became popular such as Minox and STEKY. You might suprise the size of this camera because its only 60x25x30mm.  Here is a normal SD with STEKY IIIB.

The ds106 – A Movie Poster

Ds 106 Assignment

I used a pioneer instead of my self picture or website info to creat this poster.Personally, The God Father is one of my favorite movie.When I read the story about Vannevar Bush, the God father came up in my mind.I replaced ‘the gum’ picture to @.After read the story which I summrized  maybe you will also think he is definitly the god father of the computer systerm.

The God Father

Vannevar Bush

In 1939, Vannevar Bush was appointed as the president of Carnegie Institute. Since then, he could have given suggestions for research for military purpose. Moreover, in the same year, he became chairman of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

He had known that military authority had not had connection with civilian scientists, so that he started to provide all-out mobilization in national defense. After that, he organized National Defense Research Committee (NDRC). He and scientists in NDRC invented and developed military systems. He and his project team, for example, invented the first model of atomic bomb, military radar, and proximity fuse. His scientific efforts led US victory in World War II.

What he done is amazing fact, but his true intelligence is that he had had great leadership. He was appointed as chairman in several important national scientific committees, and many projects were worked efficiently because of his organization. In addition, he had close working relationship with President Roosevelt. He directly appointed to President Roosevelt in order to get approval for development of the atomic bomb. President Roosevelt impressed his presentation, and he approved his idea in 10 minutes. In that era, the United States’ military were mainly organized by Vannevar Bush.

Pioneer Pokemon Card: Ted Nelson

This Ds 106 Assignment requires an recreation of a pokemon card.

Ted Nelson is the scientist of computer networking system. He is well known about researched the first concept of hypertext, and organized Xanadu project.

In 1959, he took bachelor degree of philosophy, after that entered to Harvard University for taking master and doctor degree. While he was attending at Harvard University, he got interested in system of computer.

He extremely impressed about Vannevar Bush’s thoughts in his article, “As We May Think”. After he read Vannevar Bush’s article, he started to create the invention what Vannevar thought. This concept based on Vannevar Bush’s article is what we call “Hypertext”, and the developed concept of hypertext is “Xanadu”. Since then, he has been challenging his research of Xanadu.

Since he got interested in computer system, he has spent his whole life for research and development of his ideal networking system, “Xanadu”. Impressing things that Ted Nelson has been doing is to try to make computer system become easy and familiar for every single person. I hadn’t known about him until I did research this, but what I can say is that thanks to his great efforts, we can have our own computers right now.