DS106-A Whole New World

DS106-A Whole New World

In this assignment, it requires to take a picture of your subject such as grandparents, pet, yourself

and put it into a totally different background in which they appear abnormally too small or too large.

First, I wish the coffee is not too hot.

After I saw this assignment, I thought about the micro human being.

I have ever wished that I could be small like that,

because I would not feel crowded  on Japanese subway in the morning,

and could have free trip by hyding somebody’s bags.

I used my picture when I was 17 year-old,

and changed the size of my photo to fit into the coffee cup photo.

But, one thing that I didnt satisfy about this assigment is that there is no wave around my feet;

it makes the photo little unnatural.

Anyway, I  had fun with doing this assignment.