Copyright vs Creative Commons

A copycat, who doesn’t hate it? Perhaps, it is only when you are the victim. I grew up in a country where everybody adores the illegal downloading such as music and movie. We desire newest and free. The vivid free entertainment resources are much more attractive than a legal publish store’s products for people because they can enjoy without payment. How can we stop this strong wave?

Since the copyright issue became controversial topic, people started to concern about the outcome of illegal download because of economic impact, and the resection to the original authors. However, the traditional copyright protection is not suitable for today’s net society. In fact, in the entertainment areas, many institutions are using online resources for education purpose. Undeniably, it helps researchers and also encourages our education system move forward. The copyright laws are actually inconvenient for people who want to use the resources in their presentations.

Creative Commons Licenses plays a significant role in this middle ground. It allows people to reproduce or derivative works from the original resources as long as without any commercial purposes. Compared with copyright, Creative Commons brings benefit to everyone in a legal way.

Panda kiss

“1600 pandas”

Panda kiss

Image: Panda kiss by By StéfanCC Licensed via Flickr


One response to “Copyright vs Creative Commons

  1. I’m still not sure from reading this what Creatives Commons is and how it came about. There are also probably some objections to the CC movement. It would have been nice to read about this in your blog post.

    Also, could you provide any links to further reading on the issue?

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